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Cutting boarding fine.

Oh my goodness - 20th March we were meant to be loading SAORSA onto a the good ship Damgracht bound for Southampton UK. Due to a storm off Sydney ( which closed the port of Newcastle, where she was taking on yachts), she had to wait in 5m swell for five days. It is now the 27th and she has finally set sail this evening from Sydney and is due in Auckland evening of the 31st.

Our slight stress is that she as has to unload three boats and load 10 yachts. This takes four days and there is no loading above 20km winds - and we have fights booked for the UK on the 4th April!!. The good thing is packing up our house in Christchurch is going well and we should be heading form Auckland on the 31st to await loading with the house in ship shape.

vening of the 31st.