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Finally, our Easter Monday was all about loading a yacht, that

we had invested all our savings in, onto a ship destined for Southampton, UK. After several delays, due to horrible weather, Sevenstar ( shipping company), asked us to arrive at the Port of Auckland at 1700hrs on the 31st ( Sunday evening). With great apprehension, and more than one nervous visit to the heads, we rocked up on time, on scheduled to be told that they were having trouble loading a huge motor boat, and would not be loading us until Tuesday!! - a bit of a problem as we were due to move our stuff into storage in Christchurch on Tuesday, before setting course for London Heathrow!! Fortunately, after CJ had a rather stern exchange of text, the fab "fix it" lady Alisha persuaded the Netherlands based management of Sevenstar, that Easter Monday loading was possible, ( provided hot cross buns were provided - thank you Alisha). After a night at Westhaven marina, and a rather lovely evening at a Auckland waterfront restaurant, we set forth at 10am to load our pride a joy onto a massive ship.

CJ prepared our very long stern and bow ropes, and before we had time to be nervous, we had motored along side and 17 crew members sorted us out; our - back stays were removed, topping lift moved, strops attached, crain engaged and away we went -it was impressive. The Sevenstar crew skillfully hoisted our yacht and lowered her onto the deck.

All this was very reassuring until we were told, the fine ship DAMGRATCH, loaded with about 14 other bigger yachts than ours, was heading for hurricane territory and we better take down our brand new canopy and tie EVERYTHING down -a roller coaster ride was in store. The venture continues.... however a few glasses of chard in the koru lounge felt well deserved....