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Florence Nightingale - not

9 days of first aid and medic training - gory pictures, a minefield of books, dressings, drugs, techniques, diseases, theory and practical practice: hat off to all the doctor and nurses out there. On day six we thought:; - why would you ever leave the south coast of England on a boat""!!

We know we only scraped the surface but we are now in a far better place to respond to a medical situation and radio medical advice if required. A huge thank you to a fabulous upbeat teacher ;- Sue, who provided us with very relevant examples, information, stories, advice, and hands on practice, - especially about bedside manner...apparently "man up" doesn't cut it...! All stuff we hope never to have to use, but a course I recommend to anyone thinking about leaving to go blue water cruising.

Next week - long range radio course.... not even a day off. Love it.