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Shes arrived!!

Only six weeks and she is arriving three days ahead of schedule at Southampton in one piece!.

The week before SAORSA arrived we took a week off from sailing and headed for the Lake district and family --a week of luxury - the very welcoming Willis clan ( my lovely sister), made us sooo welcome in their lovely new house - (built a few centuries ago) After a romp across a hill we set foot in the impressive Cathedral cave,, celebrating the slate mining of the lake district.

Before leaving the lakes we paid a visit to Maureen Lamb -- a lady of great tenacity and at the age of 92 had campaigned for ten years to get a hydro electric system installed on the nearby river. If only we were all had this tenacity..

As we headed south on the M6 back towards Southampton - it was a bit like a top gear challenge - we beat the ship "Damgratch" (the ship our yacht is on from NZ) to Southampton dock by one hour. As we got up the next day - sharp eyed Chris noticed the ship on the dock side (left of the building).

Wow - our home had arrived safely. Now it is time to get her ready for a voyage to Scotland - in the meantime, thank you Sis, Simon, Mum and Sid for a fab few days..


( it had taken

years of bureaucratic diplomacy to get it up and running).