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Living the dream

Scotland to Amalfi -

We left Bangor in excellent weather, and a breeze that enabled a spectacular "beat"(sail into wind), up the coast of Ayrshire. "The plug" - better know as Alisa Craig, greeted us with all its spender as we tacked past at a good 7kts.

The blue sky and great breeze enabled a wonderful sail past the Culzean castle, past Ayr and onto to our next temporary of residence ofTroon. The people there have been most accomodating and there is even a bath!.

After an evening with Pauline's vivacious friends (all six of them, an experience not to be missed),

we headed off in the

morning for Edinburgh, via Glasgow by train. In all fairness, not one head butt was witnessed and both Glasgow and Edinburgh were seen in fabulous weather. Edinburgh struck me as a fascinating city, with it's

architecture and culture, buildings of character and great age and a historic university sporning many a scholar we have alot to thank - especially in the medical domain. The open top bus tourist - I can thoroughly recommend

After a march around the castle, surprisingly, I gobbled down my first real haggis in a pub called "the Last Drop", located where the public executions (hangings) took place. Maybe I will try a "wee dram" with the next haggis expereince.

The next morning was a bit of a shock, - a Ryanair experience - a note to self - Ryanair and Edinburgh airport in my view has to be avoided - they live in the in the same realm as LA and united, or maybe Iam just getting old and grumpy...

We arrived in the middle of nowhere near Milan (Ryanair style), bussed into the city and enjoyed an Italian lunch (alfresco) while waiting for the train.

After a 5 hour fast train ride and a hair raising drive over the mountains, we arrived at our hotel on the Amafi coast. Bliss...