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Taste of Italy

As if we were not lucky enough, we get to take a break from;Sailing/Boat/ Engines/ Gannt charts! Over a year ago in the thick of corporate life, CJ and I booked two weeks in Italy - a week enjoying the Amalfi coast and a week on Lake Como with my eldest son Christopher and his lovely fiance Rachel, along with my dear friend Helen.

It certainly met expectations – hideous roads( thank goodness all transport was by boat of very careful personal taxi driver), spectacular views from a hotel built into a cliff face, and fabulous service and food at the Hotel Onda Verde. Also a great walk – "Path of the Gods”- which after 2km up steps more than 45 degrees steep CJ decided he didn’t need to meet his maker, and returned to the pool.! To be fair, we found out a week later, when my friend Dr Helen arrived, he had actually broken a toe after kicking a large dockside cleat in Southampton. Got no sympathy from me- at the time or afterwards – just “man up, it’s a bruise”. After the professional diagnosis he is now has a sound excuse not to climb hills in Scotland….

Back to Italy:

After a intriguing guided tour of Pompei we headed to Menaggio on Lake Como and a very relaxed week waking up to hills, sun, church bells, more fab Italian food, and some stunning views!

waking up to this....

We thoroughly enjoying the company of our dear friend Helen, as well as Christopher & Rachel. A week of soaking up historic Lake Como - great chats, good coffees, many long lunches ( a special mention of the one at Varenna with the Italian waiter and pink bubbles), and some great boat rides – sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that this is real.

Next stop Bonnie Scotland Sailing……..

finance, Rachel and my dear friend Helen.