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Buenous Dias & Hello Galacia

La Coruna proved to be a great place to take some time out, with helpful marina staff to make customs and immigration easy, an old town full of tapas bars, a lovely beach and a good cliff top walk. As we vacuumed packed the thick duvet away and got out the jangles (flip flops) and shorts, it could not have been a better start to our Northern Spain expedition.

Our fellow crew member, Angus also enjoyed a few days in la Coruna before we dropped him off at Santiago de Compostela airport and we took the opportunity to visit the fascinating old town with the Cathedral housing the remains of St James the apostle.

After our permit to cruise the Galacia Nation Park finally came through we set forth on our Galacia adventure – with no expectations of what northern east coast of Spain would be like we were both treated to pleasant surprises at every anchorage.

These Sardines were from a BBQ on the street of Camerines and were absolutely yummy. The family pushing the boat up from landing fish was just typical of the very family orinatated lifestyle we came to be lucky enough to be part of. The beaches were numerous and the Rias of the National Park: – fabulous flat sailing which were a pleasant change from the Atlantic rollers.

Between Rias there were reminders of the Atlantic rollers and yesterday at about 3pm I just felt like a chocolate biscuit. I hadn’t been in the chocolate cupboard for some time, – however someone had! –Mr E had made a good impact, fortunately there were two chocolate biscuits left, from the stash bought in Cork but obviously those night shifts across the Bay of Biscay resulted in some stealth Penguin biscuit quaffing.

This weeks breakthrough on board was the cleaning rota. All I will say is that when CJ did his second bathroom clean ever, (we have had the boat since feb!)– he decided he would no longer shave in the bathroom he had just cleaned – it made too much mess! Alleluia – domestic awareness. As for his fridge cleaning and vacuuming – he can be proud of his domestic skills.

With about another five days planned in Northern Spain before heading to Portugal we are both chuffed to bits we went to Coruna rather than straight to Bayona. Galacia is a most enjoyable cruising ground we are so pleased not to have missed this area.

P.S. (CJ) - please note I have cleaned toilets all my life but obviously not to Capt Lamblash's standard - a whole knew era!