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From Lagos, (Portugal) to Leslie's Lashing

We left Lagos at sunrise on a 900 km open Atlantic sail to Madeira, which is also part of Portugal. Due to clever weather forecasting tools, we are able to hopefully avoid storms and had a quiet sail, with far too much motoring due to very light winds. The night sky off Africa is stunning, with a warm breeze throughout the night.

We enjoyed many pods of dolphins riding our bow (the pointy end) wave, as well as a whale lazily crossing ahead of us.

The Quinta do Lorde marina in Madeira (pics) were very welcoming and we were delighted to see it was part of a resort with no less than 4 swimming pools and two good restaurants.

I personally enjoyed the special occasion restaurant where we drank the best Chardonnay since we left NZ. We also had various fun activities in Madeira, including a walk in the clouds (pics), which Pauline embraced a little more than I did (vertigo).

I enjoyed the canal walk and the south peninsula walk more, and Pauline had several interesting dives with the locals.

We took the bus for our own walking tour of Fenchal, which had a crowded marina that we were pleased to avoid as well as the throngs of tourists from the cruise ships. Although it did give us a great photo of old world verses new....

The world weather is changing, with Madeira being threatened by a very rare hurricane (Leslie) since records were begun in 1419. While this huge storm (1,000 kms across) changed direction, and passed just north of Madeira, we experienced 90 km/hr winds and rough water while in a marina!. We were able to tie Saorsa down well, including to an anchor at the stern (the blunt end), with the only damage being a badly frayed rope and interrupted sleep.

We are preparing for the next leg, which is to the Canary Islands about 500 kms south and part of Spain, with a number of islands to visit. We will also have an extra crew member, Jane, who is Pauline’s 88 year old mother and is as sharp as……