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The Clan Gathering - Bequia

After the excitement of finishing the ARC, it was great to have the arrival of the family to look forward to. With Luke (my son) and Brent ( Emmas boyfriend) traveling from Australia and NZ with five flights to endure, and the other four family members coming from London with just two flights, we were rather surprised when it was the Uk contingent that arrived four days late! – Thanks to the Gatwick drones.

With several trips across the Bequia channel to pick up folk from St Vincent we finally all sat down for our Christmas day on Boxing day – and it was fabulous. We then had a week of just catching up and enjoying the Bequia hospitality. Everyone enjoyed the sun, pools, food, aircon for a week, and most of all the family banter and chat.

New years eve we checked out of our lovely villa and moved back to Saorsa which was moored in a prime spot for some spectacular Bequia fireworks. The next day, suffering a bit from the New Year celebrations, we had our final trip across the Bequia channel to drop off Rachel and Christopher on St Vincent for their flight home.

We are now back to our Caribbean adventure – setting off south to explore the Grenadines – strong trade winds, anchorages, beaches and some cautious navigation – a lot of reefs…. We have Eddie (my nephew) on board for another week who is perfecting his fishing technique. The new crew are shaping up to be very efficient especially at reefing in the gusty Caribbean island hopping adventure.

A huge thank you to the family who made a fabulous Christmas.