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We love everything French - Martinique

Having re-provisioned in St Lucia we headed to Martinique, accompanied by a pod of 6 of 7 dolphins playing in our bow waves across the channel. Setting foot on French owned Martinique was like setting foot on well… France. On entering Martinique we suddenly had access to copious amounts of fresh baguettes, cheese and Bordeaux blends (life necessities of course) – we wondered why we bothered ‘provisioning’ the boat with anything else in St Lucia to begin with.

We spent the first two nights anchored off Anse Miton – clearly a hotspot for French tourists. Mum went diving while Brent and I went on the longest walk in history to what we thought was going to be a lovely yacht club & beach restaurant "Club Nautique", but turned out to be a closed kayaking shop in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, our French could use some sprucing up. Mum's dive was apparently amazing though.

We then headed to a small and very beautiful bay for our third night on the island, Petit Anse D’ Arlet. We had an interesting morning there where, moments after Brent found a random ceramic Angel in his breakfast pastry, we heard a PAN-PAN on the radio and proceeded to rescue a stranded French vessel in the outer bay, with no engine capability and helped them anchor safely. When it comes to the delivery of ‘Divine signs’ in this country, Custard Frangipani must be the medium of choice.

Following a grateful wave from the now safely anchored French yacht, we tootled up to Sainte Pierre. The town sat in the shadow of a huge volcano which last erupted in 1902 and complete wiped the town out, but was known as the ‘Paris’ of the Caribbean, proof of which you could see in the remains of huge forts, once grand theaters, churches and prisons. We spent another couple of days here, exploring, enjoying the French grocery stores and, again, exquisite diving for mum. A highlight of this stop was visiting a rum distillery where, led by our out of control Pina Colada habit, there was a very necessary purchase of a 3 liter box of rum - a bargain at 18 Euro.

All in all we loved our time in Martinique and are now thoroughly looking forward to exploring the other French islands.