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Death in Paradise Frenzy

Leaving our Christmas house in Bequia we left behind the only good wifi we have had since arriving in the Caribbean. Luckily before we left Brent downloaded season one of “Death in Paradise”. Set in a fictitious Caribbean island – we feel we are visiting those places every day. Having now whizzed through the first series we are feeling starved of the on goings on in St - Marie and are all really hoping we find good wifi soon to download season 2! Thanks to sketchy 3G signals we found out that it was filmed in Guadeloupe which gave us a mission or two while visiting this lovely island.

Having had a cracking sail from Dominica (Portsmouth) to Iles du Saintes islands for a late lunch. Just 40 nm away from Dominca and it was like we had been transported to another planet. The quaint, colourful and vibrant French village of Terre de Haut was a world away from the ramshackled, sleepy enclave of Portsmouth. We sat in a café munching a huge French baguette, looking over turquoise waters thinking this was heaven.

It was too good to be true, minutes later Brent went to get some cash out of the local machine and it swallowed his credit card :( The tourist office were very helpful (not), in advising us that it happened all the time and it was very unlikely that he would get it back! Undeterred we continued to lap up the frenchness and had the most fabulous French meal at Au Bon Vivre with he best bottle of wine (Chablis) I have had since leaving New Zealand.

Before we left we had read about a wreck in the harbour – just 100 meters off the shore – so off we toddled and took a look, not hard to find in the crystal clear waters just off the bay we were anchored in. (lucky as it wasn’t even clearly marked, and if we had gone over it our keel would have touched its dog house!).

The crossing to the mainland of Guadaloupe was a stiff beat, able assisted by the engine as we regularly went from 8kts to 3kts due to waves crashing across our bow. We couldn’t have got to Basse du Fort marina fast enough, it was the most uncomfortable sail to date.

An evening walk down town to the centro of Pointe a Pitre caused us quickly to retreat to the comfort of the marina for what we thought was a well deserved pizza and red wine.

The following day Emma and Brent got the Reggae Blasting Bus for a lovely day in Saint Anne - the bus ride alone was worth the experience, let alone a bustling market town with a lovely beach. I set about some much needed maintenance, the dam rear heads are leaking again !!!

A pleasant sail north, using every point of sail, and exposing Brent to his first 45kt squall, shortly followed by being becalmed, landed us in the lovely village of Deshaies – the filming location of Death in Paradise. Eating the local fish fritters we began to recognise the local buildings, restaurants and cafes.

Emma and Brent ordered a rum punch at the café the inspector drinks his coffee, (Catherine's Bar) – the guy arrived with a lime, some sugar and left us the bottle of rum!. -all for 3 Euros.

Emma had researched how to get to the "Inspectors hut" on the beach which resulted in a fabulous day out – a 3 mile coastal walk along beautiful beaches and paths, a great lunch next to the location of where the beach hut is set up and some fabulous swimming in the crystal clear waters.

We left Guadaloupe with Deshies entering our top three so far, beautiful clear waters, lovely village, great French food, fresh bread, good diving but still no wifi! - so still looking forward to season 2.