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New Games in Maine

Variety is the spice of life, and the last three weeks we have been jamming it in:

  • From celebrating re entering the USA, to Maggie departing and saying good-day.

  • We became ace at dodging the flippen lobster pots, and Ru taught us how to how to play “frog”.

  • We ogled beautiful schooners in Camden, eating where it was happening.

  • Climbed mountains in Arcadia and enjoyed the views and space there.

  • We said goodbye to Kalani and had Puck drive Ru Barmy.

  • Encountered our Kiwi friends in Fog and picked up a lobster pot.

  • I meet new friends in Wiscasset, and became a washing up asset.

  • Now it is time to take stock and care for Saorsa a lot,

  • With a week on the hard at the fabulous Great Island Boat Yard.

Our first night back in the USA and Maggies, seafood pasta lead to some good wine and dancing on the deck. Ru is a third year medical student, and for two weeks he had “two mothers to teach a few new games” one of which was called “golf” because there were nine rounds but it got stuck with the name frog.

We squeezed into NE Harbour (very close mooring balls and no anchoring), on Mt Dessert Island and got the free bus to the pathway up Mt Cadillac – a beautiful walk.

It was followed by an evening in NE Harbour and the village green was the setting for

a production of Midsummer nights dream. Maggie and I enjoyed it but Ru had enough of Puck and Titania and went to talk to the locals in the bar.

Camden was our favourite town stop. Home some beautiful old Schooners, one of

which was from the Fife shipyard in Scotland!. Also a a good dinner overlooking the boats as the sun set. A memorable evening.

After dodging Lobster pots all day Maine rewards sailors with some beautiful anchorages, up the many inlets you escape

any swell and the fog and are treated to tranquility. We also met up with a few OCC friends, with dinner on Rum Truffle off Penoscott Island, and a most wonderful evening on Soarsa with the Kalani team .

At Wiscasset it was then time to say goodbye to Maggie and Rupert, after a wonderful evening meal over looking the river at the newly opened ""Water Street" the taxi arrived to to take them to the bus for Boston Airport. Maggie is now a true friend and awesome crew, we spent three months on a voyage of discovery up the east coast of the USA, singing songs, dancing on deck, meeting new people and having a ball ashore and afloat. I will miss you – Thank you.

The day Maggie and Ru left the harbour master rowed over from his lovely home on the opposite side of the river. He invited me to use his pier to go and see the old fort and to go and have lunch with them.

Their house was in a beautiful setting and the lovley Corning and Chele were such a fab couple brought together by fate later in life and exubed happiness together.

Now time for some Solo time enroute to Great Island Boat yard (GIBY)in Harpswell. A good few days just pottering and finally getting some sailing wind in the right direction. I have now been at the Boat yard a week, Saorsa has been out, scrubbed, polished, antifouled, sails off to be serviced and is now back with a new autohelm pending, a leaky hatch to be sorted, hopefully the generator mended and some ground tackle to facilitate my new treat – a Asymmetric spinnaker. Even helped out washing up before the Friday evening do on the deck.

The photo below is enroute from Rockland to the Damariscotta river, thanks to AIS we spotted Avante Guard (Marion & Colin) our Kiwi friends coming the other ways and decided to intercept them.