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Maine with Mum

Within one week of me suggesting that Mum should come to Maine sailing with me she had the flight booked to Newark to visit a friend and was ringing me to find out how she would get to Maine from New York.

Plucky Grandma now nearly 89 was in fine form and lapped up the Maine experience. We started with a few days in a fabulous B&B in Jackson right in the heart of the Blue mountains. We were up the

cable car, picnicking along rivers, and making good use of a mobility scooter that we hired to get around and explore the countryside.

For me the highlight of our shore excursion was down to Emma and Brent who had

bought me a gliding flight above Arcadia National park. After a night in another lovely B&B in Bar Harbour overlooking the sea, we woke to “drizzle”. However, by lunch time the skies had cleared, and I was airborne in a much more modern looking glider than I last flew. (Went solo in a wooden open top glider when I was 16).

It was fabulous soaring around with a birds eye view of the beautiful Arcadia National park and beyond.

Back down to earth, a visit to the food store, and it was time to set sail in Saorsa for Mums sailing tour of Maine. There were some pre - conditions; no rough seas, no strong winds, picturesque anchorages and a G&T at 5pm every day!.

I am very pleased to say I think I almost met expectations. We had a lovely week pottering around the rivers and beautiful inlets of Casco and Penoscott Bays, mostly remote anchoring in gorgeous quite locations. Our favorite day excursions ashore were North Haven to the lovely local village for coffee, and Pemaquid to visit a reconstructed fort. A night in Otis Bay on the St George river brought with it incredible local hospitality. Seeing the NZ flag, one lovely couple brought out home grown tomatoes, cucumber and a very strong but rather tasty American IPA beer( 8.2%)! – thanks Mike. Another couple; Van and Kate, invited us to their home for drinks and dinner…

What a lovely place.

We were blessed with the weather, with only one day of fog, some lovely quiet anchorages up gentle rivers, a lot of lighthouses and good scenery and sun to soak in – giving mum a fabulous Maine taster. We had only one lumpy day in Camden harbour , otherwise it was fair winds and gentle breezes – a beautiful Mane experience. Mum was remarkable, helping with the lobsterpot spotting and getting in and out of the dinghy like real trooper, just hope I am this good at 89!