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England's Green and Pleasant Land

For me there is nothing better than a good family get together. With the family strune across the globe it is always a lively, special and very happy event when we all get together, throw in a wedding and some beautiful Devon weather the result; a perfect UK visit.

It was Emily and James wedding, (the oldest of all the Lamb cousins), and what an splendid happy event it was. It was several days of fun based at the Edgemoor hotel on the edge of Haytor/Devon moors. Emily and James had arranged a Scavenger hunt to get the family in action which ensured we explored the countryside and got some exercise.

I couldn't stop playing "Englands Green and Pleasant Land”in my head as we ventured through the moors, rolling hills, outrageously narrow roads and quaint villages. The scavenger hunt was followed by an evening of quizzes and a lot of chit chat. The following day the wedding service was beautiful, so good it made me cry! Goodness knows what I will be like at Christopher's wedding next year. The sun came out just as the formal bit finished facilitating drinks and photos on the lawn. It was a day of catching up, smiles, great food and tremendous fun finishing off with a great Ceilidh in the evening. Great to see everyone looking so smart - this is my lot, and one of the five of us - on a hill if you are wondering about the heights.

It didn’t take long from my boys to return to the normal daft state, a joy to see them all just larking about after dinner and poor Emma struggling to have any impact during the inevitable pillow fight!

An overnight stay with Christopher and Rachel in Bristol facilitated a quick trip to Newport to get a new passort because I was running out of pages. Having booked the four hour fast track service I was skeptical as to how it might go. Hat off to the passport office, it was an excellent service – 4 hours later, - to the minute, I collected my new passport and was off back to Bristol for tapas with Rachel and Christopher.

I had a lovely few days with my sister in Kendal who not only ran me around everywhere but shuffled work and made sure we had time to just chit chat. – Love you Sis.

Then it was time to experience virgin trains – which was also very good, and whisked me down to Poole to spend a few days with my friends Will and Kate.

The weather was splendid, and we made the most of the local pubs, beaches and even Morris dancers! – No we didn’t give it a go.

Next stop Gatwick airport and Norwegian Air back to Boston and then to pick up new crew in Marblehead. This all went extremely smoothly, and it was lovely to get back to Great Island Boat yard to see Saorsa. Poor Nicola, ( my new crew member), had a baptism of fire as we had about three days worth of work to buckle down to, including putting in a new hatch to her cabin. I found out very quickly that we were going to get along just fine – she enjoyed fiddling around with hinges, and bolts that just didn’t want to go back together.

After a few hickups with finishing touches we set forth from Great Island Boat Yard with new autohelm, fixed generator, new asymetric spinnaker and fittings😉, new solar pannals and a memory of a very pleasant stay in a lovely setting with fantastic people that made me feel very welcome and couldn’t have been more helpful. THANK YOU.

Now for the trip south……