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Guadeloupe Christmas

This was my Christmas day view, relaxing on the beach in Guadeloupe. With my family spread across the planet for Christmas – New Zealand, Amsterdam, Scotland, Caribbean and the Lake District. Nicky invited her family out for 10 days on Saorsa over the festive break.

After a quick turn around in St Lucia, boat cleaned, washing done a few repairs undertaken I only had a few hours to spare before Nickys Canadian Christmas Clan folk arrived! Callum, (Nickys son,) arrived into St Lucia and the following day we had a spicy sail over to Martinique to pick up Emily ( his girlfriend ) and Lauren (Nickys daughter). Anchored off the runway it was a short dinghy ride to get them on board and off to a beautiful cove for some snorkeling and a few rum punches – it was fabulous to see our guests just relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean water.

Now familiar with some of the best spots to cruise we headed north anchoring in Martinique, Dominique and some lovely bays in Guadeloupe. Unfortunately Lauren came down with a horrible bug. It took another 48 hours for Callum and I to come down with the same thing, – and it was horrible, as we both rendezvoused at 2am to feed the fishes!.

By Christmas eve, the boat was decorated, everyone was recovered and we were anchored in a tranquil bay by ourselves just south of Deshairs ( where Death in Paradise was filmed). Christmas day was a glorious stroll on a walk discovered by Emma nearly a year ago. It took us along postcard worthy beaches and shaded treelined cliffs to my favorite beach for a few hours R&R under the palm trees with a fun surf to dip into and play.

We headed back to St Lucia with a glorious overnight sail with the “Nicky clan” contingent all doing a night watch and sampling some great trade wind sailing.

Been a fit bunch we opted to anchor down near the Pitons in St Lucia and the following day the Canadian contingent headed of up Gros Piton – it looked like a hideous hike and well done Nicky for keeping up with the youngsters.!

New year was in Margot bay with some sailing friends whos grown up kids were also from Canada – a great few nights enjoying their company, some diving, and of course a few wee things to fix!.

We welcomed in the the new year in toasting good friends and safe happy sailing, - a big year ahead – time to look forward to the World ARC start on 11th Jan.