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San Blas bliss

Two hours after leaving Santa Marta, Columbia - we were still passing Santa Marta !! the lack of wind and strong current made for a slow start. Fortunately after a over night motor sail the wind picked up and with relatively flat seas Big Bertha (Spinnaker) was launched and we had an awesome downwind sail. Time to get the washing done, hair platted and relax a bit on deck.

That was until a Tanker refused to adhere to the rules of the road ( power gives away to sail), and in this case SIZE did matter, so down came Bertha and we altered course and then settled into a good night sail surrounded by our New World Arc mates.

Friday 24th and we had landed in Paradise, the Cocos Bandero islands in the San Blas. It was a gorgeous spot, turquoise clear waters, peppered with small palm fringed islands. All we had to do was take our pick which one to swim to… We even had an island to ourselves for yoga!.

The San Blas are picture postcard perfect. Beautiful flat sea, a lot of reefs and a few palm fringes small islands. Thanks to the Eric Bauhaus guide and a vigilant crew we safely navigated the reefs and ventured into some awesome locations.

Snorkeling, swimming and socializing ensured our days flew by and with no internet or phone signal we lost all track of what day it was or what was happening in the world. Beach gatherings for sun-downers morphed into late night dancing under the stars. Thank you to our new Russian and Aussie World ARC friends for some memorable evenings.

The locals sew the most beautiful “Molars” and are proud to sell you one for a modest cost, and after giving you their phone to charge they love taking photos of who they sold them to.

We swap fish for coke and beer and the odd packet of biscuits seemed to be well received. No engines here – just hand carved canoes and paddles.

After five days enjoying this beautiful part of the world it was time for an over night hop down the coast to Colon and prepare for the Panama Canal. The San Blas are now in my top three of beautiful spots in the world.

Below the disused runway of Porvenir.